Volume 8 (2020)
Volume 7 (2019)
Volume 6 (2018)
Volume 5 (2017)
Volume 4 (2016)
Volume 3 (2015)
Volume 2 (2014)
Volume 1 (2013)
Number of Volumes 9
Number of Issues 18
Number of Articles 160
Number of Contributors 306
Article View 76,712
PDF Download 121,100
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Number of Submissions 591
Rejected Submissions 304
Reject Rate 51
Accepted Submissions 182
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Semiannual Journal of Research in English Language Pedagogy (RELP) is an international peer-reviewed, double-blind, and open access journal that aims to provide a platform for practitioners and researchers to find out original research in the field of English Language Teaching. This journal is fully sponsored by Islamic Azad University –Isfahan Branch. We encourage authors from all over the world to submit their complete, original, and unpublished manuscripts, which are not under review in any other journals, in this journal. RELP follows the principle that makes all research freely available to the public immediately after publication and both authors and readers may freely copy, download, print and distribute the published manuscripts. This journal is published in the online version for readers and authors and print versions for academic organizations.

The title of the journal has been changed from the Iranian Journal of Research in English Language Teaching to Research in English Language Pedagogy since 2017.


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Islamic Azad University, Isfahan Branch

  Hossein Heidari Tabrizi

  Azizeh Chalak

Managing Editor:
  Fatemeh Karimi

Executive Editor:
  Mahshid Pezeshki

Print ISSN: 2588-3259

Online ISSN: 2538-4244

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