1 Ershad Damavand University

2 Islamic Azad University, Isfahan Branch (Khorasgan)


Textbook design and evaluation has recently turned into a very important area in English Language Teaching. This paper evaluates the English textbooks taught in Iranian Junior high schools: Right Path to English which was the medium of instruction until 2013 and the recently designed textbook-Prospect- which replaced it. For this purpose, Tucker’s (1975) textbook evaluation model was employed to conduct the research. The advantages and shortcomings of the textbooks are discussed in detail with reference to three major criteria extracted from this model. The results indicate that even though Prospect does not cover up some of the inadequacies and deficiencies of RPE, the development of a textbook based on Communicative Language Teaching syllabus is, to a great extent, a step forward towards constructing an up-to-date series for teaching English in Iranian schools. Results of this study have implications both for teaching and materials development.


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