Conflict of interest statements were explained in different sections of Publication Ethics; it is necessary to provide users with an overall disclosure about this policy

All authors of every manuscript must contribute to composing the manuscript or research and they must sign the copyright & conflict of interest letter. If authors use funding or have any financial and non-financial sponsorship, they must reveal them in their 'conflict of interest' section, part of the Title Page. Since the journal is double-blind; the authors and reviewers remain anonymous. Authors must determine their affiliations clearly and the journal is not responsible for any errors in authors' information especially after the publication

RELP journal checks the originality and accuracy of the manuscript, but authors confirm that they have adhered to all ethical academic international commitments and standards of peer-reviewed journals when they submit their papers and sign the copyright form.

RELP Journal shall not publish more than two papers submitted by its editors in a year. If one of the editors such as editor in chief, managing editor, etc. tends to submit a paper in this journal, his/ her paper will be managed or peer-reviewed without the authors' interference and unbiasedly by reviewers assigned by the third party; also, publisher' editors and employees may publish their papers providing that a third editor from another university or institute has provided unbiased peer review. If the manuscript is against the editors or reviewers' interest, they must decline the peer-reviewing process or inform the Editor in chief.

Editors must consider the conflict of interests in every step including submission, peer reviewing and publication

Any person or third party can contact the journal's mail in the ''Contact Section'' or the mail of (publisher's research center) regarding any report or allegation of misconduct or incorrect actions or violation of conflict of interest rules by journals.